More than 50 years experience of transporting liquid foodstuffs within Spain and internationally.

Hurtrans has more than 150 tankers equipped with the latest technology to cope with any requirement in the land transport of liquid foodstuffs. The tankers have been designed to transport the greatest quantity of liquid for the least unladen weight which guarantees maximum efficiency in transport, loading and unloading and a consequent reduction in charges.

All of the tankers comply with the ATP (Agreement on the International Carriage of Perishable Foodstuffs) regulations and are identified with the appropriate signage -“Liquid Foodstuffs Only” in three languages – one more guarantee for the customers who want their products to travel in tankers used specifically for foodstuffs.

The majority of the tanker fleet are of a single tank design to better support the liquid pressure with wave reducing baffles to avoid excessive agitation of the products and to ensure they retain homogeneity and so arrive at their destination as they left their point of origin. The tankers also incorporate lobe pumps for a more efficient and faster loading and unloading of the products

The confidence of important firms in the juice, milk, wine, oil and other food sectors such as glucose syrup, beer, fat, honey and chocolate, support the development of Hurtrans Food tankers as a benchmark in the transport of liquid foodstuffs in Europe.

rutas de transporte de liquidos en cisternas alimentarias

Main routes

Thanks to good relationships with other Spanish transport companies we are able to cover 100% of Spanish territory from any origin to any destination.

With reference to Europe the principal countries of origin, transit or destination are Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Denmark and Switzerland.

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